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Create fast, flexible, and extensible IDE applications easily with Storm - it takes nearly no code at all!

I'm currently making an IDE application called Moonlite. When I started coding it, I looked for good, already existing code for creating IDEs. I found nothing. So, when I was almost done with it (I'm not done with it yet, because of this framework taking all my time), I figured that I found it rather unfair that everyone should go through the same as I did for making such an application. (It took me 8 months of hard work - about 7 - 10 hours a day - to create this. Not because the main coding would've taken that long, but because I had to figure out how to do it and what was the most efficient solution.) So I started Storm, and now that it is finished, I'm going to present it to you! :)

To read the rest of the article, including "How it works", go here: (Includes screenshots)

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